Barview Jetty County Park

Rain was predicted for the entire week. Regardless, my husband and I headed out for a fall camping trip based at Nehalem Bay State Park. The sun played tag with the clouds as we meandered up the 101, 10-foot travel trailer in tow behind our 4-cylinder small SUV.

These weather conditions were perfect for – you guessed it – rainbows! And we were granted a splendid show. In the last half of our travel, we saw not less than a half dozen of these beautiful tricks of light. They varied in vibrancy, shape, width. Several were half spans, or nearly so, anchored in fluffy bright white or dark gray clouds and footed in parking lots, over a church, or amongst forest. One did not touch ground on either side, a slight arc from cloud to could. The most breathtaking came as we rounded a corner a bit north of Tillamook, the full half-circle presiding over a field of pumpkins awaiting purchase and carving for the end-of-month autumn celebrations.

We spied the sign for Barview Jetty County Park near the end of our color-filled drive, which added this park to our sightseeing agenda for the following day. You’re not likely to see a rainbow there, but on a sunny day you can enjoy a myriad of sun sparkles off the northwest outlet of Tillamook Bay as it nears the open sea.

Day use area

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The day use area of Barview Jetty County Park is merely a gravel lot with a solo picnic table tucked amongst some trees on one side. Perhaps not the best walking choice (the Port of Garibaldi is more conducive for strolling), it is a scenic stop to observe Tillamook Bay and the ocean splashing against the jetties. An added bonus for those who enjoy feathered wildlife, the Oregon Coast Birding Trail brochure lists it as a venue for both bay and sea birds.

Terrain: Rough old pavement, uneven and divotted, but level.
Seating: One picnic table between the parking lot and the campground entrance.
Fee: No fee
Restrooms: No, although there are some in the campground.
Directions: From Highway 101 at the north end of Garibaldi, turn west on Cedar Street (clearly marked with a park sign) and continue until it ends at the parking lot.

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