Chetco River South Jetty

The Chetco River South Jetty was our go-to spot during a spring camping trip to Brookings.   Before or after nearly every outing to other scenic venues, my husband and I found ourselves parking adjacent the walkway and Sporthaven Beach. Accompanied by snacks, take-out seafood grabbed at the harbor, or just camera and binoculars, the view of the jetty, ocean, surfers and fellow beachgoers was always a treat. We even spotted a lighthouse from here, which had us musing for a few days on its origin.

Beachside walkway



Part of the Port of Brookings Harbor, the walkway at the Beachfront RV Park is a destination for both locals and visitors. Meet-up place, surf hangout, walking venue, luncheon spot, scenic byway – this popular stop near the Chetco River South Jetty had us returning again and again.

The full length of the walkway is over 500 steps, but benches situated in the central section are spaced 75 to 100 steps apart allowing for shorter jaunts interspersed with resting. The single row of spaces was almost full during a drizzly March, so I’m sure during the summer months competition for parking here is like a shopping mall at Christmas.



I noticed that one of the Beachfront RV Park photos and also satellite views of Sporthaven Beach show ramps descending from the sidewalk to the beach. These were not present during our visit; perhaps they are seasonal. Even with a way to safely traverse the rocky drop from the sidewalk, the beach is covered in debris and rocks, so is not the best choice for the not-so-sure-footed. The walkway is so close, and its ideal surface is a comparable alternative.

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