Thanksgiving Day in America

Thanksgiving Day in America | Guide to celebrate

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How to spend Thanksgiving Day in America?

Thanksgiving Day in America is a non-denominational holiday celebrated to “give thanks” to closed family and friends at the end of the harvest season. This year, it is being celebrated on 28th November, Thursday with loads of turkey, football, turtle necks, latte, naps and cranberry sauce.

Squabbling over politics and Fantasy Football with one’s extended family at the dinner table, while stuffing the turkey, Brussel sprouts and potatoes, is just a typical way of celebrating the holiday. Hit the road this time and call it the best thanksgiving ever!

Here’s our way of celebrating Thanksgiving Day at one of the most pleasing destinations.

Chicago, Illinois

Are you a bit sad that you missed the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade? Don’t worry because Chicago has its own little parade, with marching bands, floats and huge helium balloons. However, if you are not someone who likes parades, Chicago has a lot more for you.

The weather is cold but the city is warm. From fashionable, trendy and posh boutiques and Malls to lush gardens with crunchy foliage, there’s a lot of you to explore and visit. A special market, ChriskindlMarket, where you can buy gifts and treat yourself with German food and Beer.

Thanksgiving Day in America
Picture Credits Fineas Anton

Miami Beach, Florida

Winter barely bothers Florida as the temperature hardly falls down to 70 degrees. Ask the natives about snow and they know nothing. Visiting the Miami Beach at a Thanksgiving Holiday would be soothing and warm.

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A number of esthetic restaurants will give you a memorable culinary experience. Shop at high-end boutiques and mall at the Boardwalk of the Beach as Black Friday Sale goes live.

Guide to celebrate
Miami Beach by Kian Lem

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Welcome to the birthplace of Thanksgiving. Cape Cod was the first place where Mayflower landed back in 1620. There are a 255 Feet high monument in the remembrance of Pilgrims. Every year on the night of Thanksgiving, there’s a special celebration in commemoration of Puritans entering the New World.

To feel the spirit of Thanksgiving away from home, board the Thanksgiving Day train which serves a five-course gourmet meal and savour the flavour before gobbling it down.

Thanksgiving Day in America
Pilgrim Monument by Louis Hansel

Oahu, Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are the most aesthetic islands and Oahu is the third largest among all. Pay a visit to Oahu in the off season and get an advantage of low fares and hotel prices. Stay in one of the picturesque hotels and let your muscles sooth in the Hawaiian sun.

If you don’t want to lay down in the sun, put on a button-down shirt and pay a visit to the Fallen Soldiers at Pearl Harbor and explore art and history museums. Take a trip to Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve and watch the tropical fish and sea turtles and snorkel.  Roam around in khakis or shorts as the sun shines brighter in November as well.

Guide to celebrate
Sun set at Oahu, Hawaii by Sean O.

I wish a very happy thanksgiving to you and your family. Celebrate it in a different way this time, close to nature with a pure heart.

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