Vacations in America

Vacations in America-A memorable trip for tourists

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Vacations in America

Vacations in America is always a dream for many. America is a country one never gets bored of (or you can say even boring people don’t stay the same boring) because of its diversity in a tourist attraction. From busy streets in New York, a place where you see humans of every race, culture and ethnicity intermingled beautifully in a mosaic manner. Inviting tourist from all over the world to nature’s recreational areas with breath-taking views, lakes and rivers running beside intertwining hiking trails. World-known theme and natural parks always draw the attention of families especially with children Visiting America for the first time.

“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us”

For Young Blood and lively grown-ups to meet their Celebrity Crush

Los Angeles, one of the topmost visited cities because of the billion dollars film industry, Hollywood, and for its famous Lakers Basketball activities (a chance to see your favourite celebrity). Don’t forget to take a BTS tour of your favourite movie and enjoy the Walk of Fame where stars have been honoured because of their stunning work.

Next comes the one and only New York. Where pavements are never empty and tourists, at day-time, are seen enjoying. Especially at The Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building while at night they love to see the gleaming lights of Times Square.

San Francisco, for its famous Golden Gate Bridge, brick houses most of which were constructed in the Victorian Age. It makes it man-made heaven and foggy mornings are to die for. (Vacations in America! Well please don’t die because you have a lot to see in America)

Nature Lover? Head straight here!

America has designated an appreciable area of its territory for nature and environmental conservation because of Global warming, Yep! It’s happening.

Grand Canyon National Park is a vast river valley, approx. 277 miles which not only conserves the nature but provide a very breath-taking recreational view for hikers and nature lovers. The world’s famous Yellow Stone National Park is a huge “untouched” wild area, home to a lot of flora and fauna species with natural water bodies and rousing trails for those who love to explore and hike.

Yosemite National Park is a naturally preserved area in California famous for its tunnel view Conifers and ancient sequoia grown in a way that they form a tunnel over the road. The waterfalls here are a treat to sore eyes. Denali National Park is home to grizzly bears, first added to endangered species, and was preserved in most of the American National parks. Everglades National Park is a park with loads of greenery and a waterway trail surrounded by trees and filled with alligators. Other National Parks are Preserved Canyons like Bryce Canyon, Red Zion and Arches National Parks with rock models, high peak red hues of weathered cliffs and a very aesthetic site for artists and fashion photographers.

Interested in History and Architecture?

Anchorage museum in the heart of Alaska City is a large museum, built for exploring the land and studying people and land. This museum deals with art, ecology, ethnography and science and art. Pennsylvania. A must-visit for history students and people interested in old architecture because of the famous Independence Hall. The depiction of War History on the Liberty Bell. It is a symbol of American Independence.

Theme Parks! For humans of all ages

America’s famous theme park is Disney Land Park and the Walt Disney World Resort. Both of these parks have been drawing vacationers from all around the world. Another enchanting theme park is Universal Orlando Resort where you can find your favourite movie-themed rides and other attractions.

What to wear on vacations in America?

Wardrobe has always been a human’s top priority because of impressions- well for tourists and more precisely. American tourists anything comfortable and classy is the new trend. You will see American’s wearing their favourite jeans and comfy puffy shoes. Ready for the beach? Put on flip flops and crocs. A swimsuit goes perfect with a hat and neon shades. Art and history museum? Wear sneakers, a decent shirt and a pair of jeans or khakis. Don’t forget to take your notepad with you!

Out to discover the Great Canyons? Wear the khaki shorts you bought recently, paired with a nice tank top and get set go. (AND beware of sunburns)


Eating while vacationing in the USA is easy because of the friendly people, their hygienic measures and health concerns, which make them nutritionally aware of what they are serving and what you are eating on the go. I just love how you find intercontinental food, just as the World has turned into a global village. The restaurants have started serving global food especially in New York and Washington D.C.


One thing that must be kept in mind while roaming around America is the tax-exclusive thing on price tags. So, make sure you take a calculator with you the next time you plan to shop in Texas or get your car refilled in Ohio.

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