Best fishing spots in America

Top 10 best fishing spots in America

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Best fishing spots in America

Best fishing spots in America: Vacation in the United States without fishing is not a vacation as the US provides one of the best fishing lakes for local as well as foreigners. Students in their semester breaks, adults in their free time and tourist love to sit and catch fish as a leisure activity. You can catch fish from the Pier and ride a boat Offshore to catch the Trophy fish. Fishing is a sport as well as a recreation that teaches tolerance. It is one of the most fascinating activities at a picnic by the lake and at family gatherings in the woods. Fishing in the United States is thrilling (in the north) and relaxing because the lakes in the US have a great number of hungry fishes.

Here is our pick of the top 10 best fishing spots in America

Clear Lake, California

As the name implies, it has the clearest water among all the lakes in the United States. It’s not only the clearest but also of the oldest freshwater lakes in California, United States. People who visit this lake are taken back with the sight of fish species swimming in the lake. Common species found here are the copper nose Bluegill, the cute catfish and (not so crappy) Crappie.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

One of the most visited fishing sites and it produces a great variety of fish because of its geographic location. Fishing activates take place all year round but is best experienced in the second half of year (July-December). You can catch Tuna, Wolffish, Black Sea Bass and Atlantic Codfish.

Lake Fork, Texas

Spreading over 27,000 acres, lake fork invites people from all over the country and abroad to do fishing throughout the year. It is known to be the perfect spot for people who are interested in fishing as temperature fluctuation does not really affect the availability of fish in the lake. Some of the fish residing in Lake Fork’s water are Catfish, Bow fish, Sun bass, White Crappie, Gar and Sunfish.

Lake Shelbyville, Illinois

A perfect fishing spot with your family and friends as there are a lot of hotels, camping sites and restaurants. This lake is abundant in walleye, freshwater drum, flathead catfish and Carp. The treat gets doubled if you visit this spot in summers.

Thousand Islands, New York

This fishing spot extends to Lake Ontario so be careful while fishing because you may reach Canada following your favourite monster (Muskies here can reach up to 50 inches) you can catch large Mouthed Bass, carp and Nothern Pike.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

If you want to sit peacefully by the shore and catch fish, outer banks are the best place to carry out your fishing activities and get the best of Mackerel, Flounder, Trout, Black Drum, Bluefish, Cobia and Weakfish. Well if you take a boat and go offshore, you can get your hands-on Snapper and Marlin.

California Delta, California

Want to enjoy the warm winds and sit by the river bank to practice fishing? Head straight to California Delta. The temperature might be a bit hot and so is the fish here. (Don’t forget to load yourself up with aloe Vera gel or a sunscreen) The fish in this delta is mostly Striped Bass, Channel Catfish, Crappies, Largemouth Bass and Blue Gill.

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

A very calm lake, surrounded by trees gives a very nice hue to the water especially when the sun sets and also provides loads of striped bass to the locals and foreigners, who come here for fishing. Experts say that more than half of the population of Striped Bass species tend to live in this Bay.

And for those who don’t want their bait to be caught by Striped Basses, there is plenty of Trout, Croaked and Bluefish.

Colorado River, Colorado

If you want Salmon for dinner, Colorado River is the best place to look for it. Salmo starts hatching in June and the River is flooded with it. If you look for it near the rocks, you will come across a great number of them. Trout are also found there with Salmon and other little River Fish species.

Lake of the Woods, Minnesota

Fishing in Ice? Not a bad idea. Just head to Lake of the woods with your fishing rod and comfy sweaters to enjoy some really wonderful yet serious fishing game. Just find a perfect spot and catch Yellow Perch, Walleye and Crappies.

These are some of the most visited fishing spots in the United States, however, there are a lot of other beautiful lakes with plenty of big and small fish species. So, if you get a chance to visit the United States, do justice with your trip and don’t forget to visit one of these spots. Enjoy the cool summer breeze and let the fishing begin!



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