Siltcoos Lagoon Trail

If you’re looking for peaceful outdoor setting to spend a couple of hours, the Siltcoos Lagoon Trail is a pleasurable option. The trail forms a loop that passes near the lagoon and around the Lagoon Campground. The full loop is more than a mile. Instead, I divide the initial portion of the trail — the part that wanders along the water’s edge — into sections, taking advantage of incremental resting points. The resting points allow me to traverse a distance much farther than I would otherwise attempt. If you visit each destination described here, you will have traveled nearly 1250 steps round trip!

Entry deck, first bench

125 Steps


On the way to the trailhead from the parking area indicated, you first cross a bridge over the Siltcoos River. Travelled by canoers and kayakers from Siltcoos Lake to the ocean, the Siltcoos River Trail passes under this bridge near the end of the journey. After the bridge, you cross the road to reach the entry deck that begins the Siltcoos Lagoon trail. The first bench is just past the trail entrance.

Entry deck, second bench

50 Steps

I usually prefer to bypass the first bench on the entry deck in favor of the second, since it has no railings to obstruct the scenery. From here, you can relax and enjoy the lagoon while listening to waves crashing from the open ocean only a few dunes away.

Forest bench nook

100 Steps

After meandering through the forested pathway, you reach this bench tucked into a decked area over the water. While partaking in the tranquility of the area, you can appreciate another portion of the lagoon and may glimpse water birds nestled along the lagoon’s edges. A descriptive sign explains the process of how the lagoon was formed.

Camp table rest point

150 Steps

This picnic table is actually in a camp site, part of the Lagoon campground. Someone could actually be camping there during the months when the campground is open, so the table may not be available (or you may need to make some new friends in order to use it). For me, it is a necessary stop prior to reaching the next resting point.

Two-bench nook

200 Steps

This sweet, secluded nook is our last stop when my husband and I travel this trail. Tucked along the water’s edge at a wider part of the lagoon, you can take a seat and continue to unwind while witnessing the surrounding wildlife. Although the trail continues on from this point, it does not follow the water’s edge much farther. It branches into the campground, or heads into a more hilly area. It is actually a shorter and more scenic route to retrace your steps to complete the journey.

Terrain:Decking over water areas. Packed dirt path covered with pine needles and other plant debris. All areas are mostly level and flat.
Seating:There is at least one bench or picnic table each of the rest points described.
Fee: Day pass, recreation pass, or camping receipt
Restrooms:No. Nearest are in the Lodge Pole Picnic Area (back toward Highway 101), or in the campground if it is open.
Directions:After entering the Siltcoos Recreation Area, look for the sign to Waxmyrtle Campground. Turn left as the sign indicates, crossing the bridge over the river. Just past the bridge and before the campground entrance, you can parallel park on the right near the sign that says “No Overnight Parking”. Only about 3 cars will fit in this parking area, but there has always been room when we’ve visited.

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