Best things about Arizona

Top 10 things you did not know about Arizona

Best things about Arizona

Arizona, also known as the ‘Copper State’, has many amazing facts you probably don’t know. Contrary to popular opinion, it is just not a desert, but it holds a whole lot of significance and history.

Here are the best things about Arizona to should know!

Skydive Arizona!

Lying between Phoenix and Tucson, Skydive Arizona has achieved its position as the largest skydiving centre across the globe. Not only is it well built, but it is very facilitating with highly devoted and professional staff. It is, thus, no surprise to know that there are an annual of 135,000 jumps.

World’s Largest Rose Bush

Arizona enjoys its place in Guinness World Records for the largest rose bush planted in 1885. The tree covers 9000 square feet with a 12-foot circumference trunk. Easter Sundays always witness season bloom!

Chocolate Falls!

Even higher than the Niagra Falls, the Colorado River in Arizona as compared to the chocolate waterfall in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” It takes hiking half a mile to witness the fall which creates majestic rainbows in the spray of falls.

Grand Canyon Caverns

220 feet below the ground, Arizona offers the “largest, deepest, darkest, oldest, quietest motel room in the world.” This cave lies in Grand Canyon Caverns in Peach Spring and provides the visitors with all facilities. This could make the most comfortable meditating spot!

Genuine Dinosaur Track

Although dinosaurs have been extinct for 200 million years, yet you can still track them back in Arizona. Through the age of rocks, various dinosaurs’ tracks have been traced back. It’s like a Jurassic Park, only less dangerous!

Pluto was discovered here!

At the Lowell Observatory in Arizona, astronomer Clyde W. Tombaugh discovered ‘pluto’, which was once believed to be the ninth planet. It was discovered through an astrograph telescope.

London Bridge is falling down!

London Bridge in Lake Havasu City in Arizona was won by Robert McCulloch with a $2,460,000 bid in 1968. It was systematically broken and transported to here where it was rebuilt and it stands today. The London Bridge fell in the hands of this amazing state!

Weird Laws in Arizona

There are a number of lame laws in this state including refusing someone a glass of water. Additionally, if a criminal attack you, you can only defend yourself using the same weapon. Hunting camels is prohibited and donkeys cannot sleep in bathtubs!

First McDonald’s drive-through

Sierra Vista in Arizona had the first McDonald’s drive-thru in 1975. It was created near Fort Huachuca to serve the soldiers who weren’t allowed to step out in their uniforms. So, thanks to the soldiers who have been lovin’ it since then!

America’s Valentine!

Because this state became part of the Union on February 14th, it is also known as America’s Valentine!

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