Americans do that foreigners find strange

20 things Americans do that foreigners find strange

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Americans do that foreigners find strange

Things Americans do that foreigners find strange: Foreigners who visit America for the first time, find it amazing and weird at the same time. But they will enjoy the different style of Americans.

Here are the top 20 things that Americans do often and foreigners find strange

  1. Random Smiles

(smiling costs nothing) Americans smile a lot even at strangers and tourists. You are casually walking down the street and you will see so many strangers smiling at you for no damn reason.

  1. How are you is the new Hello

It seems like Americans are so interested in what you are doing in your life.

  1. Freezing Temperatures

Every place you go has chillers and the temperature is freezing cold.

  1. Flags

The whole nation is so patriotic they put up national flags everywhere. You will see them at the supermarket, in front of homes and offices.

  1. Free refills

Well, personally I don’t find it weird. I mean who hates free refills?

  1. Everything is Big

From food portions to houses and vehicles everything is BIG.

  1. Tipping

No matter what you have been served, tipping is a must here.

  1. Sweetness

The people, the drinks and the bread everything is super sweet.

  1. Rules

Strange how you need to be 21 to drink at the bar.

  1. Weather update

Americans have a weather channel that updates 24/7.

  1. Options

Whether sauce or a camping site, there is are a lot of options.

  1. Homelessness

One of the things that hurt the most. Every foreigner finds its strange and heartbreaking to see the number of homeless people.

  1. Exclusive of Tax

It’s pretty annoying and strange for foreigners when they have to do the math.

  1. Eat all-day

The restaurants stay open all day and night, 7 days a week.

  1. Grocery at Drugstore

Drugstores are not just drugstores they are grocery stores that even have makeup.

  1. Advertisement

The advertisements are long that you sometimes forget what are you watching. Funny how medical ads show up on televisions too.

  1. Cheerleaders

The idea of a sport without cheerleaders is not known to Americans.

  1. Dress code

What even is dress code when you can roam around the whole state in your pyjamas.

  1. Ice in water

It would be freezing outside but your water is served with ice.

  1. Confusing cash

Almost all the currency notes seemed the same. It gets pretty confusing when you pay a $5 instead of $20.



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