Best things about Oregon

Top 10 things you did not know about Oregon

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Best things about Oregon

The top 10 best things about Oregon are the following:

Oregon takes pride in its unique flag, which has two different designs on either side. The front side is decorated with the state seal emblem, and the backside is decorated by Oregon’s official animal, a beaver. The animal is also the reason why Oregon is known as ‘The Beaver State’.

Deepest lake of the USA and the tenth deepest lake of the world is hidden in Oregon. The Crater Lake, formed in the remains of an old volcano continues to amaze people with its blue waters. Its depth is calculated to be more than the height of the Empire state building.

As a contrast, the world’s smallest park, Mill Ends Park, is located in Portland, Oregon. Comically enough, it is only two square feet in area. It was also provided with this recognition by Guinness book of world records.

Dear cheese lovers, embrace yourself for a trip to heaven! The Tillamook Cheese Factory is the largest cheese factory in the world and it produces 171,000 pounds of cheese each day. Visitors can look at the cheese-making process and shop a variety of cheese and other refined products in the gift shop. The best part of the factory is the famous Tillamook ice cream.

Talking of food, Oregon, most surprisingly has a state beverage and nut. Oregon’s state beverage is milk, which is a symbol of prosperity. Whereas, Oregon’s state nut is Hazelnut as it is a major commercial crop of the area.

Things you need to know!

The legendary ‘Swoosh’ logo of ‘Nike’ can be also be traced back to Oregon. A Portland State University student Carolyn Davidson, who was paid $35 for it, designed this game-changing logo. The owner of the brand said that he did not exactly love the logo but it will maybe grow on him.

May I dare call it the state of love, in the light of the following amazing facts? Oregon celebrates its state birthday on February 14th, the date otherwise known as Valentine’s day. Furthermore, the International Rose Test Garden of Portland has in the collection of more than 500 varieties of roses, a symbol of love yet again.

Simultaneously, Oregon also has the highest suicide rates in the country. This is because it was the first state that legalized physician-assisted suicide, also called Euthanasia. It is one of the few places in the world legalizing this procedure.

If you are travelling to Oregon, this fact must just be for you. Oregon does not charge any tax on their products. Imagine shopping in that dreamland!

Concluding it with the fact that Simpson’s hometown is inspired by an actual place. That real-life place in Springfield, Oregon. Now we know where we remember that cartoon-land from.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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