New York City Guide

Best New York City Guide of 2020 With Complete Guided Tour

The New York City Guide!

New York City Guide is for all the people who are interested in a city with irresistible art, historical galleries, high-end boutiques and shopping areas, skyscrapers and lit nightlife. New York opens its arms wide enough to welcome everyone and provides feasts to all. NYC is famous for its sunlit mornings and neon-lit nights. Tourists and natives find a number of attractions as the city never sleeps at night.

The city impresses all with its divine and delicious dining services and wholesome restaurants. The preservation of arts, culture and heritage is just unmatchable. A safe touring place for every race, ethnicity, gender and for members of the LGBTQ+ community as well. The on-going events and inspirational parades keep adding colours to the life of tourists and make their trip to New York City unforgettable.

How to spend a week in New York City


Coolest Things to do in NYC at Night

Board a Ferry

Don’t miss the chance to watch the evening lights and mesmerizing Manhattan skyline. Board a ferry and travel between State George and Lower Manhattan. Nature paints the sky so aesthetically that it takes the breath away. Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty look more stunning and picturesque as the sun sets behind them leaving orange to red hues on the sun.

Let Jazz penetrate your soul

Let your soul enjoy the K2 Friday Night. Head towards Rubin Museum of Arts and get yourself entertained by Jazz and Naked Soul. Talk about your favourite movies and shows or discuss art and history on the staff’s pick of the day. Grab their most-liked cocktail and let the music penetrate through your soul. Treat your tummies with their special Asian Cuisine and call it a night.

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Watch NYC as it comes to life at night

Sometimes good music and a peaceful sight after a busy day are all you need. Climb up the Rockefeller Centre and catch your breath (don’t worry they have elevators) at 69th floor to watch the city lights through a big glass windshield. If you want to observe the night lights at an angle of 360 degrees, climb a few more steps because the 70th floor is windswept and it provides the most awestruck view of the city at night.

Night at the Museum

Roam around and enjoy free art and entertainment at the Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn Museum takes hold of the 5,000 years of historical art and rare Egyptian treasures and artefacts. Be there a bit earlier and get a chance to watch the shows or take the ongoing classes. The bar stays open all evening and the restaurants strive to serve the best food.

Bowling at Brooklyn

I have always loved bowling (although I’m not very good at it). Get off on Sundays after 8 p.m. at Brooklyn Bowling area. Brooklyn bowl consists of a restaurant and a music venue. Enjoy the blue chicken with the best music performances.

It is one of the most fun places to spend your night with friends and family in NYC.

Dine out at Broadway Street

Experience an up-class dine out with the love of your life at one of the finest restaurants. Stride away from Times Square and find yourself standing next to the red-carpeted staircase. The theatre presents 3 shows every night and tourists and locals love to spend the night dining out with the best shows in the city.

New York’s nightlife is just full of fun and exploring art and history. A number of bars and restaurants stay open for 24 hours and serve exotic cocktails and meals.

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New York City TV Guide

New York is huge and so is the number of channels broadcasted here. Every region has a wide range of tv channels and each one of them provides entertainment, news, fun and information in its true form.

Channels broadcasted in New York are wholesome and unbiased. Some of the most liked tv channels are listed below

CBS 2: Channel 2: Broadcasts News Bulletin with regular intervals, entertainment and reality shows.

NBC 4 New York: Channel 4: Broadcasts News, Comedy (The Ellen DeGeneres Show) and Reality shows

Fox 5: Channel 5: Provides news, entertainment, information and reality shows

ABC 7: Channel 7: Newswatch, entertainment and game/reality shows

NYCTV Life: Channel 25: Cooking show, Entertainment and information shows

Other famous channels are Thirteen, PIX 11, Telemundo NY.

New York City Tourism Guide

NYC welcomes all

New York welcomes a number of tourists every year. Vacations in New York are classical, unforgettable and simply wow. With world-renowned tourist attractions like Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, National parks and Nightlife at Times Square, there’s a lot more to explore in New York. Each day brings a new vibe to the city and tourists call their stay in New York as a magical ride.

Leave the differences behind

No matter which race, ethnicity or community to belong to, NYC will never fail to feed you with the best. If you are travelling with your family, New York has a number of attractions for every individual in the family. Head to Jane’s Carousel at the Waterfront, glide to Governers Island or slide through the New York’s famous Botanical Garden with your kids. Prospect Park is one of the best spots for your kids to observe nature closely and visit the zoo to watch the animals play, sleep and eat.

If you’re a soul seeker and love the environment, NY has a lot for you. With greenery stretched over its five boroughs, New York offers many conservation sites where you can hike, walk, dine and watch the wildlife closely at the zoo and aquarium enclosures.


Feel the pride because New York City is known to welcome the LGBTQ+ community with wide opened arms. Express your love and be yourself wherever you go because you can be an inspiration for those who haven’t spoken yet. Feel free to visit Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea for endless entertainment, dine out and parades as the whole community gather up.


Why spend a hundred bucks when you can get off on New York Tourists Passes. You can avail up to 40% off at several tourists’ spots and can get free entry at most of the famous tourist attractions. Get your hands on the New York Pass and get free entry to around 100 places in NYC. There are a lot of other passes such as Sightseeing Pass, New York Explorer Pass and New York City Pass.

One day New York Pass costs around $134 (Adult) and $99 (Child) while a 10-day pass may cost up to $469 for adults and $299 for children. The pass activates from the first use and lasts up to its validity.

Must see at NYC

If you’re visiting NYC for the first time, don’t forget to take Yankee Stadium Tour, hop-on and hop-off sightseeing NYC bus ride, Empire State Building, wave the majestic Statue of Liberty. Head towards Times Square at night and get your mood set by Neon Lights. Rockefeller Center is home to a number of nightlife activities.

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New York City Gallery Guide

NYC is a centre of historical and modern art. Galleries in New York exhibits the world’s best class paintings, textile samples, sculptures and architectural models.

ACA Galleries

American Contemporary Art Galleries is primarily one of those galleries which exhibit the art of American Artists. The Gallery has conducted over 800 exhibitions and focuses on the work of artists who work beyond the border of ethnicity, race and gender.

Whitney Museum of American Art

The galleries exhibit sculptures, paintings, installation art, awestruck photography, prints and videos. The Gallery runs an exhibition knows as Whitney Biennial after every two years to bring new artists into the limelight.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met is one of the oldest art museums and it displays the timeline of art history, Asian Metallic artefacts, online art, Charles Sheeler photography and ancient heritage art. Met Collection includes work of newer artists and the enthusiasm behind it.

Acquavella Galleries

The gallery has displayed the art of world’s famous artists like Tanguy, Renoir, Pissarro, Picasso, Sisley, Matisse, Wayne Thiebaud, Damian Loeb and many more.

Other famous art galleries include Eden Fine Art where positivity and joy are depicted with the help of canvas and other art material. Frick’s Collection exhibits old master paintings and their galleries are occupied by the finest Furniture. Ubu Gallery, Brad Graduate and The Drawing Room.

New York City Restaurant Guide

A word of praise for all the restaurants and bars in NYC trying their best to satisfy their customer’s taste buds. There is a perfect blend of different cuisines and the serving size is just ideal. Many thanks to all the vegan restaurants in NYC.

Some of the best picks for restaurants in NYC are Roberto’s, serving the food for over a decade. Their special Pasta, cooked on the grill, are must-haves.

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Prepare your taste buds for the best flour tortillas with chips and guacamole at Los Tacos No. 1

Stop at Charles’ Country Pan-Fried Chicken and treat your taste buds with tender and crispy pan-fried chicken. Head to Adda Indian Restaurant for some spicy biryani, curries and tandoori dishes. Their best is dum biryani, steaming rice in a large pan covered with dough. Cheburechnaya serves Kosher Uzbek dishes as the name tells. Try their Borscht, a beef dish with hand-made noodles.

Other exotic and delicious foods are served at Fish Cheeks, Superiority Burgers, Atla, Peter Luger Steak house, Win Son and Marlow and Sons.

There are a number of cocktail bars and dog-friendly restaurants which offer great food with super friendly staff.

NYC Event Guide

New York never fails to disappoint anyone. The events, especially the parades and carnivals, are cheery, fun and full of optimism. Regardless of the season, there’s always some special event going on in the heart of NYC. So, no matter whenever you land in NYC it is always fun here.

Topmost Annual Festivals at NY are Restaurant week for the love of food. The event takes place biannually in January and July. Top chefs come out to make their best dishes and there’s food everywhere!

New York Fashion Week where high-end Boutiques and Designers present their designs for the upcoming season. (there’s one starting on 6th September as well). Tribeca Film Festival for all those artists and independent talent who needs a platform to showcase their work.

Pride Week is a week in June where LGBTQ+ community for sure and the rest of the world gather to enjoy, have fun and party on the roads and in nearby restaurants and hotels. Nathan’s 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest, celebrate America’s birthday by loading up yourself with delicious hot dogs.

NYC International Fringe Festival

It takes place to celebrate arts and culture in September and October and makes sure there’s innovation in performance, the best music and pure comedy.

Don’t lose hope if you are a sports person because New York got you covered by US Open Tennis tournament.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a New York City guide special where people parade with large balloons on the Thanksgiving morning and ending with a visit from Santa Claus announcing the start of Christmas Season.

Last but not the least is the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lightening historical event that is broadcasted on TV firing up the Holiday Season. This is one of the best times to plan a trip to New York and be a part of all the holiday season events.

NY is home to many races, ethnicities and cultures and when all of them join together they form a beautiful mosaic which reflects optimism, life, aroma, peace, love, warmness and on top of all harmony. In your visit to New York, feel as light as a feather as the rhythmic vibe in the NY’s air turns your heart to life. Seek your soul at one of the conservation sites or just roam around in art galleries with the love of your life. Eat from your favourite place and live the best because you only live once.

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