Bandon Boardwalk

The tranquil cerulean waters of the Coquille River actually take a backseat at the posh Bandon Boardwalk. A veritable outdoor art gallery rife with wood carvings, a glass mosaic swirl, and artisan benches feast the eyes, while the fresh seafood scents that tantalize your nose may lure you into one of the restaurants on the opposite side of the parking lot. A glass-sided picnic shelter with salmon ensconced entrance allows picnicking or river viewing, even in inclement weather. Plentiful poster boards offer educational tidbits on the history of Coquille Tribe, the Port of Bandon, and ecological river data.



Benches abound on this artsy boardwalk, no more than 50 steps to reach one from another. Wander, stroll, rest and continue at your leisure, ensuring you get ample enjoyment of the varied sights. See if you can visit each piece from this sculpture checklist: dolphin, crab, octopus, seal, sea horse, totem pole, orca. You can find them scattered along this riverside promenade.

Terrain: Boardwalk is broad, flat decking. Three wide steps with railings or a ramp can be used to reach the mosaic swirl.
Seating: Artsy benches at frequent intervals
Fee: No
Restrooms: Street side of the south end of the parking lot, almost directly across from the picnic enclosure.
Directions: Head into Old Town Bandon off Highway 101. A portion of 1st Street SE runs parallel to the parking area. Boardwalk is clearly visible from parking.

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