5 Best Christmas Displays And Lights In Chicago

5 Best Christmas Displays And Lights In Chicago

Chicago is the number one place to host the best holiday celebrations ever. All summer, the city is drenched in fireworks displays, and in the winters, the city is lit with beautiful lights. Plus, all stores in Chicago have amazing window displays to accommodate the holiday season.

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When it comes to Christmas in Chicago, this beautiful city is decorated with its official city Christmas tree in Millennium Park to fulfill the statement “Christmas Around the World,” and the Museum of Science and Industry is also lit with great decorations. Basically, Chicago has a lot to offer for Christmas.

Furthermore, there are a lot of Christmas Displays in Chicago that enlighten the spirit of the holiday season. Here, we will discuss the top 5 best Christmas displays and lights all around Chicago.

  1. Illumination: Tree Lights at Morton Arboretum

When winter comes, the Morton Arboretum is surrounded by beautiful trees lit up in a sea-like color. This environment is only created in the winters.

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The visitors at the Illumination walk through the one-mile area in the forest, absorbing the beautiful and magical view with seasonal music. With every step you take, you will notice something beautiful and admirable.

  1. Christmas Around the World

Each year, the Museum of Science and Industry arranges a 45-foot tall huge tree and decorates the pine with 50 other trees that shed light on Chicago’s different communities and their holiday seasons.

The visitors can have a blast viewing the 30,000 lights that form a shield over the trees and stay for the snow that falls from the rotunda every half hour. In addition, musical events are also held on the weekends.

  1. Butch McGuire’s

There is nothing easily crafted about the decoration done at the Division Street bar. Every year, the Butch McGuire’s owners fill the ceiling with threads of sparkling LED lights and add a toy train that moves around the room to fulfill the meaning of magic to the event.

The event is more lit and enjoyable in December when a lot of friends and coworkers gaze upwards to watch a wonderful Christmas display.

  1. ZooLights

No other house decoration can beat the Christmas display in the Festoon Lincoln Park Zoo in the very famous Zoolights event.

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The whole zoo is lit with Christmas lights by 2.5 million bulbs. Some of the animals are caged, and the visitors are free to wander around the park, take pictures of the display, and be a part of the activities held during the holiday season.

  1. City of Chicago Christmas Tree

Every year, the front lawn of Chicago, AKA, the Millennium Park, is decorated with a massive Christmas tree that stays put till the first day of the new year. It is larger than a life object that is decorated with sparkling lights and crowned with a bright illuminated star.

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The visitors can take a look at the tree near Michigan Avenue or from Washington Street to receive a big spectacle.



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