3 Best outdoor ice skate for kids in Chicago

3 Best outdoor ice skate for kids in Chicago

Sure, it is fun to perform sock skating on wooden floors, but you can’t compare the freshness and joy that comes when a cool breeze hits your face as you slide across a real-life ice rink.

Store your indoor games in a locker and focus on what an ice rink has for you. Just forget about the indoor play spaces and give kids the real dose of enjoyment by taking them to some of the best indoor ice skate rinks in Chicago.

We all know that Chicago is a beautiful city filled with a lot of gorgeous places and astonishing skills. For kids, it can often be boring to spend their winters in indoor spaces by the fire playing only indoor games.

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Kids demand fun, and without outdoor activities, it is hard to relax the brain of a kid. With that being said, ice skating rinks are the best place for kids to have fun in the winters.

Furthermore, there are a lot of great ice-skating locations in Chicago that are not just safe for kids, but also worthy enough to get a glimpse of. So, buckle up and put your skates on because winter is the best time to ice skate.

Below are some of the top 3 best outdoor ice skate locations in Chicago.

  1. Midway Plaisance Park

Here’s an interesting fact about this place; it held the first-ever Ferris Wheel. These days, the best place for kids to enjoy ice skating is the midway place between Washington and Jackson parks. Kids can go here to take skating lessons or to skate for real.

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Another great part about this place is that it offers seats that are warm, and the place where the seats are situated is a great place to check on your skaters.

Furthermore, it opens in November and doesn’t close until the end of February. So, make sure to prepare your kids to have the best skating experience ever.

  1. Maggie Daley Park

If you really want to see one of the best ice-skating rinks in all of Chicago, then Maggie Daley Park is suitable for that position. It is a great place to score a figure eight. In addition to this, there are railings around the skating rink where wobbly skaters can get a hold of themselves if they lose control.

Furthermore, Maggie Daley Park opens in early March.

  1. Chicago Wolves Skating Rink

The Chicago Wolves Skating rink is at the Brookfield Zoo. This wolf-featured skating rink opens in winters and is a great treat for the outdoor gamers. Just put on a few layers of wool and step into the Brookfield zoo and skate on the amazing 40 by 80 ice rink that doesn’t need electricity or water to run – it’s called glice.

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You can get rental skates from the location, plus you can even bring your own pair of skates. In addition to this, you can also get a view of the zoo’s great Holiday Magical events that include lighting, Community Tree Trim and the Reindeer Run.



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