Bob Creek Wayside

If you’re looking for easy access to outdoor seating with a wonderful ocean view, Bob Creek Wayside is a good choice. Bob Creek meets the Pacific just below a low bluff at this scenic turnout. Unlike some of the other beach overlooks between Florence and Yachats, there are no fences between you and the ocean. Picnic, rest, enjoy the view and salty air…or all of the above!

Along with Strawberry Hill Wayside, Bob Creek Wayside is part of Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint.

See Beach Roundup: Between Florence and Yachats for a summary of beaches in the area.

Update:  This little wayside has been a strangely popular search result.  I couldn’t imagine why anyone would search for this rather obscure coastal location.  I did a little research and found it is popular for two purposes:

  • Mussels – There is a great article on mussel harvesting, including recipes, in Oregon Coast Magazine.
  • Geocache – Apparently a somewhat challenging spot to reach, the Bob Creek Wayside geocache location is described as Florence GeoTour #30.

For those who reach 100 Steps for these purposes, I hope you find these links helpful.

Bench viewpoint

25 Steps


From any of the benches at this wayside you can witness waves crashing near the cliffs to the north. Closer by, beachcombers often collect driftwood and other beach specimens or peer into the tide pools nestled in the rocks. This is a great spot for healthy relaxation with the ocean for entertainment.

Terrain: Gravel and then grass, all level
Seating: Two benches with backs and a picnic table
Fee: No
Restrooms: No
Directions: Benches are clearly visible on the south side of the wayside parking area.

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