Seven Devils State Recreation Site

A pair of locations accessing the same llloooooonnngg stretch of sand can be visited just north of Bandon at Seven Devils State Recreation Site.  If you’ve had your fill of the other Bandon attractions, and want to try a more isolated setting, one or both of these beachside destinations may fit the bill.

Bluff picnic table

125 Steps

Seven Devils park picnic table and view 5349072

Labeled both “State Recreation Site” and “Wayside”, whatever you call it, the views from the picnic table on the bluff overlooking the beach encompass ocean, ocean, and more ocean!  Merchants Beach is near at hand, but there is a 10-foot drop to the sand.  When my husband and I visited, the paths to reach the beach were steep and debris strewn.  I was disappointed I could not stroll by the ocean.

If beach walking is your goal, and your mobility is limited, this venue is not a good option.  But if you’re looking for a picnic by the sea in a location remote from town, this is your stop!

Whiskey Run Beach

100 Steps

OK…Whiskey Run Beach is not actually part of Seven Devils State Recreation Site.  But, if you’ve visited the Wayside, this beach is a short jaunt off Seven Devils Road, so I’m including these two areas together.

I found this beach challenging to access on foot.  We left our two Maltese in the car (sad for them since they love the beach!), and my husband used both hands to help me negotiate the initial slope and the span of loose sand.  Vehicles are allowed on this beach, though, so if you like to 4-wheel in the sand you can drive past the irregular terrain.  However you get there, once past the rough patch, you are rewarded with miles and miles of wide open sand.  Rock formations are visible in the waters to the north, and you can get your fill of fantastic beach walking.

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