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The best American dream cruise

American Dream Cruise are large ships designed for passengers for leisure voyages. The ship pierces through the rivers and oceans and lets you observe nature closely. Take a trip in the ocean beside scenic green lands, preserved sites, historical buildings, art and magnificent harbours. Most of the trips last for 8-15 days.

Booking a Trip

You can book a trip online or their official website or contact the local travel agent for booking and accommodation. Make sure you book it a year in advance.


You don’t need a passport to be on the Dream Cruise. Most ships in the US allow 150-180 passengers on the ship. The crew members are friendly, energetic and polite. The overall atmosphere stays comfortable and refreshing because of lesser passengers.


The ambience is chill, calm and friendly even for solo travellers. The staff makes sure everything is clean and tidy.


The fares are reasonable. It includes snacks, drink parties, dining services and entertainment onboard. Mini tours at the shore are not included in the fare.


American Cruises ask their voyagers to bring rainwear, an umbrella, a jacket (according to weather) comfy shoes and a hat. Dining rooms have a dress code. You must be wearing slacks and a sports shirt for men. Women must be having their legs covered too.


Experience the best food (incl. In fare) in a large dining room and drinks afterwards. You can have a special diet on the cruise too. Just tell the crew what you need.

Cruises in the United States


Board on American Revolutionary Cruise that takes you to a historical ride of the revolutionary war. Study the historical events in a museum or visit the last revolutionary battlefield in Yorktown.

Mid-Atlantic Inland Passage Cruise

Cruising through the Mid-Atlantic Inland Passage you will come across Naval Fleets and civil war history. Enjoy the finest cuisine and treat your eyes with a spectacular sight of nature and birds.

Historic South and Golden Isles Cruise

Start your voyage with the cobblestone paths and nonmodern large mansions. Pass through picturesque beaches and abundant wildlife.

Great Rivers of Florida

Take a trip to the charming town with preserved plantation houses and wildlife. Alligators, majestic eagles and manatees are preserved in their natural habitat. A horse carriage takes the passengers to Victorian houses.


If you are looking for a dream vacation in the North, book an American Cruise.

Columbia and Snake River Cruise

Watch the magnificent Multnomah Falls and widespread luxuriant landscapes. Sing along with the performing artists on board. Drink one of the best wines and try out the newer ones.

Alaska Inside Passage Cruise

One of the best cruise trips in summers. Take photos of astounding natural views and wildlife. Explore ancient treasures with the help of a local guide.

Alaskan Explorer Cruises

Explore Glaciers and Alaskan Wildlife. Observe how life manages to live in icy ecosystems and other wonders in Alaska.

Every Cruise Ship in America makes sure that they provide the best service, location, enjoyment, fun and entertainment during the trip

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