Yaquina Bay Bridgehead Day Use Area

According to Oregon.gov, an average of 16,500 vehicles per day cross the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport, Oregon. You can get close-up bridge photos and even touch one of massive pillars supporting all this traffic at the Yaquina Bay Bridgehead Day Use Area.

Perfectly suited for imbibing in the bayside sights, you can appreciate the novelty of this unique location while walking, resting, and picnicking, beneath this stunning architectural wonder. A supreme view and optimal terrain make this an excellent place for walking.

Picnic area

25 Steps


Picnic tables 25 to 50 steps from the parking lot and each other are situated beneath the south end of Yaquina Bay Bridge. Each table sits in a wooden enclosure designed to block wind without obstructing the view.

My favorite picnic table is on the west side of the bridge. Placed next to the water, from it you can see the bay mouth between north and south jetties, hear seals barking from the opposite bank, watch fishing boats cruising in and out of Yaquina Bay, and listen to cars overhead beat a percussion rhythm as they traverse the blue gray and yellow tinted concrete bridge span.

Head to the east side of the bridge next to the Rogue Nation Brewery parking lot to visit an informative sign station covering historical topics relevant to the area.

Fishing pier

200+ Steps

You pass under an arced span of the towering Yaquina Bay Bridge on the way to the Port of Newport public fishing pier. If you need to rest en route, the last option is about 100 steps from the parking lot at a picnic table on the corner of the lawn. Turn left and continue on the path next to the bridge, which ends at the fishing pier entrance after another 175 steps. You can hear the clicks and chugs of beer making from Rogue Nation Brewery as you pass the building’s backside which rests at the edge of the South Beach Marina.

If you’re up for more walking, the length of pier itself approaches 400 steps. This is one-way with no resting until you return to the picnic area.

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