vegan restaurants in America

Top 20 best vegan restaurants in America

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Vegan restaurants in America

Vegan restaurants in America: Being Vegan is a blessing as long as you are in America, because America has a wide range of vegan restaurants and each one of them has their own uniqueness and taste. You can eat from a different restaurant every day for a month and still crave for more. Even if you are not a vegan, you must try one of these restaurants and serve your taste buds with it.

Here are the top 20 best vegan restaurants in America

1. Golden Temple, Alabama

One of the top most restaurants with a wide range of sandwiches and specialties.

2. The Root Café, Arkansas

A restaurant that plays its role in sustainable development of the environment and makes sure they serve the best vegan dishes.

3. Santana’s Vegan Grill, Colorado

It is one of the classic restaurants in Colorado. A restaurant that might turn non-vegans into vegans.

4. Drop-Squad Kitchen, Wilmington Delaware

Up for a vegan Taco? Head to Drop-Squad Kitchen with your squad. They serve vegan hot dogs too.

5. Plant Miami, Florida

The best organic dishes, kosher food and most sustainable practices are observed by this restaurant.

6. Viva la Vegan, Georgia

They have pro crafting skills and their dishes are equally enchanting to vegans and non-vegans.

7. The Vegan Café, Illinois

Looking for a Gluten free, organic and appealing lunch or dinner? The vegan café is there to serve you and your taste buds with their wide range of dishes.

8. Trumpet Blossom Café, Lowa

Their coconut bacon is to die for. Their special seasonal dishes are worth trying.

9. Morels Café, Kentucky

They serve “vegan food that doesn’t suck.” Their classical meat dishes have a very unique plant base and are worth trying.

10. Well+Fed, Louisiana

They serve the best quality, vegan toasts and cheese, soups and all of them are gluten free.

11. Zhu’s Garden, Massachusetts

A pan-Asian restaurant you can’t resist.

12. Shelby’s, Minnesota

100% vegan. Their special serving includes soft severe ice-cream and tacos.

13. Magic Vegan, Mississippi

Serves the best plant-based BBQ, creamy pies, smoothies, mac n’ cheese, cheese,

14. VegeNation, Nevada

By using native vegetables that are grown by community gardeners, this restaurant is making wonders. Their bloody Mary with cauliflower, cheese, jalapeño and fries is a must try.

15. Killer Vegan, New Jersy

Vegan eatery serving American, Italian and Latin food with 100% vegan base. Experience the best brunch in town on 1st and 3rd Sunday of the Month.

16. Blossom, New York

As the name says their food is beautiful and animal free. Their dessert range is appealing to all.

17. Town hall, Ohio

Wide range of vegan meals with non-vegans one. Their best one is Wild Mushroom Chimichangas rice and soup.

18. The loaded bowl, Oklahoma

This restaurant not only serves vegan food but also the environment. They got some really good vegan food.

19. Spiral Diner & Bakery, Texas

Head there for all the cookies, ice-cream, sandwiches, cakes and burgers.

20. Wayward Vegan Café, Washington

This place serves the best all-vegan food which will force you to over eat.





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