the US in 10 days

Around the US in 10 days | America Guide

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The US in 10 days

The US in 10 days If you are a Hodophile (a road trip lover) then you must be aware of the fact that travelling is a therapy especially when it comes to road trips. Even if you are travelling with a group of strangers, colleagues, family or friends from college the trip will fascinate you in every form because the United States is captivating. We have planned a 10-day tour for you around the country which will carve the best memories in your brain for a lifetime.

Let’s go around the US in 10 days while observing the natural phenomena (weathered canyons) and Urban life.

Day 1-3: New York

Start your day with a morning walk in the central park in the lush green lawns surrounded by trees. This park offers boating and horse ride. Empire State building is a world-renowned building and one of the best tourist attractions in NYC.

Drive to Brooklyn Bridge and take enchanting photos of the city, infrastructure and the beautiful NY sky. You just can’t drive out of New York without visiting The Statue of Liberty. Millions of tourists visit this iconic building every day and only a few of them are allowed to climb to the crown. If you want to climb up too, book a boat ride prior to visiting.

Spend your night with your favourite cocktail at Times Square and watch how the city comes to life at night. It’s a huge entertainment place with dozens of theatres.

Day 4 Las Vegas

Start your memorable trip from Las Vegas, take a photo of the Las Vegas Sign and advance to The Venetian Resort and go for Gondola Rides (indoor or outdoor). After taking the canal’s visit, visit the Fountain of Bellagio and mesmerize yourself by the sight of the water as it dances with your favourite music. You can visit the Grand Canyon West Rim and Indiana Country Bus Tour for a full day outing separated by breakfast and snacks. You will come across Colorado River, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and a Joshua Tree Forest.

You can spend your night watching the street lights at Fremont Street and watch all the neon signs in the neon museum.

Day 5-7:  Los Angeles

The first place that comes to one’s mind in LA is universal studios theme park. A combination of television and movie shows and a lot of other attractions for the fans along with beverages and food. Take a break at the Griffith Observatory Park and walk on the grass and relax or you can simply spend the noon at Santa Monica beach and lay down in the sun.

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Photos by Nicola Tolin

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Photos by Nick Fewings

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Day 8: Death Valley

If you want to see the wonders of a living desert, drive for around 2 hours leaving from the south at highway 160 (don’t forget to turn on navigation) because this Death Valley is alive and provides its visitors with exciting activities and breath-taking views. You will come across Dante’s view, Bad water, Devil’s golf course, Panamint springs and a lot of sightseeing spots, hiking and racing tracks

Day 9: Santa Barbara

You can spend a whole day here and still won’t get bored of the city and its Spanish colonial built. It has a lot of art, cultural and architectural museums, depicting new and old art and expensive crafts. For people who love fashion and trends, Santa Barbara has a wide range of costly boutiques with unique designs. Its famous Zoo with a number of species is a captivating too. For students and nature lovers, Santa Barbara has a huge botanical garden with exotic plant species. Santa Barbara Lead Better Beach with white sand, grassy lawn and pier walks are a must try.

If you want to visit a beach at sunset, Arroyo Burro beach is a dog-friendly beach offering fearless running and grassy picnic spots.

Day 10: San Francisco

If you are a nature lover, San Francisco has a lot of attractions for you in the Golden Gate Park. It has a large botanical garden, a lake, a museum for art and culture, large Dutch mills and a conservation garden for more than 200 flowers that will cast a spell on you for hours. Make sure you take all the fragrances with you to the Golden Gate Bridge and watch the world’s highest and longest hanging bridge. A number of Hollywood movies have been shot on this masterpiece.

China town is another colorful attraction for tourists and natives. Depicting the culture and lifestyle of Chinese. Huge stores, lanterns and Chinese themes restaurants are a must stop here. You’ll find a lot of lanterns in the town as well.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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