Travel accessories to buy

Best travel accessories to buy for America

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Travel accessories to buy for America

Travel accessories to buy: Packing Anxiety? We’ve got you covered by the list of the best and most handy things you’ll need to pack before going on a trip. Be it a business tour, a leisure outing in the woods or a simple family vacation, comfort is all what we crave for.

10 best travel accessories to buy before a trip are listed below:

1. Bag/Suitcase Stacker

Unfortunately, some of us have experienced a bad experience of lost suitcases at the airport. The panic is real and we don’t want to miss our next flight. A bag/suitcase stacker helps you clip all your bags and suitcases in a single belt and allows you to pull them easily.

2. Digital Luggage Scale

Keep a check on your weight! Yep, your body’s weight and the weight of your luggage. Keep a digital luggage scale and save your wallets from paying extra dollars at the airport.

3. Travel Jacket/Hoodie

A hoodie or a jacket with loads of pockets for your iPod, tablet, earplugs, headset, sunglasses, diary and even a drink, opt for the ones with hidden pockets for wallets/passport or coins.

4. Multi-Port Adapter

One of the best travel accessories that I came across was this, works in around 150 countries have a lot of ports for USBs, chargers and other sort of plugs.

5. Neck Roll Travel Pillows

Travelling is hectic and we all need to keep ourselves fresh to enjoy our tour or outing. My favorite travel pillows are the ones who support the body laterally. They provide more comfort and ease while sleeping in a plane, car or a bus.

6. Water bottle and Pill Organizer

Best way to keep your medicine safe while travelling. For people like me who are forgetful this is the gadget for life. (even if you don’t have a daily dosage of medicine, keep anti-allergens, paracetamols and Band-aids with you)

7. Anti-crease Transporter

On a business trip? Grab your hands with this anti-crease cloth transporter. It’s compact, anti-crease and the best for your formal clothing coz nobody got time for ironing.

8. Laundry Sachets

You can get rid of every hectic thing in your life but not laundry. Laundry sachets now come with laundry soaps and a sink blocker so that you can hand wash your clothes properly.

9. Life Straw

And there are places where you don’t have the access to clean water (especially in camping sites and hiking trails) these water filtration life straws will help you in those situations.

10. Clip-on Camera

Hello photographers! Get your hands-on clip-on lenses for your cellphones (either android or Samsung) and capture the best shots on the go.

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