Things to love about America

What are the things to love about America

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The Things to love about America: America is home to millions of people and is visited by tourists annually. The natives and foreigners find America lovely and want to know more about it.

A list of things to be loved most about USA.

The Liberty

Well apart from The Statue of Liberty, America works on freedom of speech and liberty of expression and makes sure everyone gets their due rights.

Beauty in Diversity

When it comes to diversity, America exhibits the best of it be it cultural, ethnic, religious or on the base of race. Not just that it has a very diverse location with beaches, Canyons and urban infrastructure.


America is the topmost fund giving and the first to help the ones in need especially in emergency situations and havocs.


Who doesn’t like Good Food? And when it comes to what to love about America, Food and drinks are the most important (I am glad they serve big portions of it)


Creativity needs freedom and America provides it to its inhabitants and the whole country loves innovation.


More than half of the people (including immigrants)  claim that they feel secure in America.

Protection of Rights

We all know who to love when it comes to Gay Rights, Women Rights and Abortion Laws.

National Parks

America knows how to preserve nature and protect recreational sites.

Sustainable Development

US plays an important role in Sustainable Development and takes proper measures to alleviate poverty and paves ways for future generations through reasonable use of its natural resources.


Since the weed is legalized here, no one truly hates America now.


Smiling is free and we do it almost all the time.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

America grows its own fruits and vegetables and exports them to the world.


Generosity is in the air in America and people walk a mile to help you in need.

Solidarity as a Nation

Political, cultural and religious differences aside, Americans live together in harmony and always show solidarity as a nation.


Strong economy and better employment opportunities make it more loveable.

The Weather

Weather all-round the year remains favorable for humans, animals and plants as well.


Americans tend to have a more optimistic approach to minor inconveniences than other nations.


If you are a basketball fan, you ought to love America because it has the leading Basketball team.

Technological advances

Who gave us the iPad? iPhone? The internet? Online shopping sites? And whom do you love for it? America of course.

Well the list of things to love most about America goes on and on and will stop till we reach the Moon but guess what? Americans already did that!






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