things America does best

Top 20 things America does best and better than the rest

Things America does best! Americans are fat, make absurd arguments at the grocery stores, fail at basic exams, eat a lot of junk, fights for everyone’s rights, drink like they don’t have to pay for it but are still the best from the rest of the world in a lot of stuff (and the whole world admits it)

Here are the top 20 things America does best with the rest.

1. Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is a blessing, being able to speak your heart and give your opinion on sensitive issues is not risky these days and we are proud to say America is at the lead when it comes to Freedom of Expression/speech.

2. Food and Drinks

For me food comes at first place and America is a home to foodies, with its diverse flavors and fresh ingredients. Their meat products, fresh vegetables, fruits, steaks, coke, sauces, nachos and cereals are the best among the rest.  The wide range of cocktails and fast food that too on an affordable price makes America the best food and drinks supplier.

3. Entertainment

USA is the best entertainer, be it comedy shows, adult animated series, sitcoms and action series. American entertainment industry serves the whole world along with their own entertainment industries.

4. Jazz & Blues

No doubt America was the pioneer of Jazz and blues, a lifestyle, leading to classics, pop and guitars. America’s music industry is ruling over the world with their quality music, best choice of instruments and music festivals for all genres.

5. Armed Forces

The strength of a country is judged by its military and its economy and US has the best armed forces and is ranked #1 in the whole world. They can even survive an Alien Apocalypse.

6. Cultural Diversity

America is home to students, businessmen and artists from all ethnic groups and races presenting a beautiful mosaic of cultural diversity. While walking on the patio you will see whites, blacks, Asians, Italians and even Irish.

7. Sneakers

Apart from technological inventions and walking on the moon we came up with a distinctive, comfortable and catchy sneaker design loved by athletes, models, students, vacationers and old age citizens.

8. Green Exporter

US enjoys a very favorable geographical location on the planet and is the biggest vegetable exporter in the world because of advantageous temperature. The yields are high and organic and are exported to other countries.

9. Air Conditioning System

God Bless America for introducing the leading air conditioning system and blessing us all.

10. Technology

Apple IOS, computer software, apps (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn) and other social sites for learning, dating, chatting, memes, art, music and other stuff.

11. Funds

The biggest contributor in the form of services and goods in United Nations makes USA the prominent state when it comes to funds and loans.

12. Economy

USA is the world’s Super Power and has the strongest economy. Despite all the competitive countries (like China, Japan and Germany )thriving to make their economies stronger day by day.

13. Airplanes

Next time you fly in a plane, make sure you know America makes the best airplanes and sends its satellites and spaceships into space as well. Hence, their planes are everywhere in space, at your nearest airport and in the air.

14. Porn

When we say America leads the world, we mean it! It leads from the front.

15. Guitars

Guitars were not originally carved in America but today America manufactures awesome guitars for artists around the world and statistics say that USA carves the topmost guitars when compared to the rest of the world.

16. Online Shopping

Who wants to put themselves in the hustle of shopping from the grocery store when you can shop everything from home? USA owns one of the leading online sites and grocery stores and does online shopping the best from the rest.

17. Theme Parks and Natural Conservation Sites

We all agree to the fact that America has best theme parks and recreational spots for humans of all ages and same goes with nature conservation sites offering camping, fishing and natural habitat to several animal species.

(America is considered to be one of the dream vacation country because of the variety of tourist attractions)

18. AirStream Vehicles

Road trips, camping and family picnics are incomplete without Airstream Vehicles. Their unique design and glossy look are so appealing and the comfort level is beyond imagination. America is the top manufacturer of these vehicles.

19. Basketball

One of the oldest sports, played indoors and outdoors, engages women and men equally and is led by the one and only United States of America.

20. Fitness

Though America has a huge number of obese individuals yet their Gyms are large and have the best equipment. The number of functional health and fitness clubs in America is huge, the prices are budget-friendly and the atmosphere is calm and relaxing.

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