Summer Vacations in America

Classical Summer Vacations in America

Summer Vacations in America: America is a dream place for vacations and around 48% of the natives prefer vacationing in America rather than flying abroad because the United States amazes tourists with its wide range of natural and urban attraction.

Below are the 14 classical vacations you need to have at least once in your lifetime

1. Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor, a gateway to Acacia National Park, coastal heaven on earth. Hikers, camping lovers and shoppers are attracted from all over America and the world.

2. Grand Teton National Park

One of the best places for budding naturalists with hiking trails, camping sites and wildlife viewing. The area is huge and never gets over-crowded.

3. Boston

Spend your day walking through the historical freedom trail eyeing the old iconic historical places, leading towards a Food Marketplace. Boston hosts a lot of festivals and it is super fun to be a part of one.

4. Yellowstone

Stop and stare the Old Faithful’s awe-struck eruption and watch it pave its way slowly through the mountains, adding hues to the overall scenery. Many amateur photographers are seen capturing this wild beauty while passionate travellers hike up the Grand Canyon.

5. San Diego

One of the best places to take your kids. Its world-renowned zoo and Balboa Park are must go. You will experience one of the best cuisines and drinks here.

6. Portland

If you want a classical vacation free of stress, head straight to Portland a coastal city with very delicious seafood, seaside lunch/dinner sites and high-end boutiques.

7. Zion National Park

Up for some mountain climbing fun? Drive to Zion National Park for mountain climbing and tricky hiking trails. If you don’t like this much walking, there is a special shuttle service for sightseeing. At night Zion National Park lights up and you can have a peaceful sight of the milky way.

8. Mount Rainier National Park

This park provides a lot of aesthetic camping sites and lodging at cheap rates. Photographers find this place serene and calm for nature photography and fashion shots.

9. Bryce National Park

Most of us have not witnessed the natural phenomena of weathering. The eroded red, rusty orange to yellow hues ultimately going white is a sight for sore eyes. Hiking is easier here as the area is not over-crowded even in summers.

10. Seattle

Have a look at the famous space needles and the famous light-filled space known as Chihuly Garden and Glass which provides a great artistic view. You will find the best food here and there’s a lot to watch and explore for the artists.

11. Hilton Head

Enjoy the boat rides, golf, spas, tennis and lots of fancy activities. You can hike around, do horse riding, fishing and do shopping. Spend your evening at a seaside restaurant and watch the sunset.

12. Cape Cod

Miles of white sand stretched across the sea with calm water touching the shoreline soothes the mind and soul. Cape Cod has a famous Heritage museum and beach activities.

13. Golden Isles

Golden Isles is a combination of beautiful islands and a treat for tourists who like biking, hiking and BBQ parties.

14. Sonoma

Sonoma has the best farm-to-table eateries and food stores. Take a stride across the city on the famous hiking tracks, relax and enjoy your dream summer vacation.

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