Best spas in America

Best spas in America – Made in USA Wellness

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Best spas in America

Spas in America are a combination of organic food (most of which is grown in the resort), meditation, wellness counselling, yoga, traditional stone and oil massage. Most spas offer three days, a week or fourteen-day treatment to peace seekers. Spas help in boosting self-esteem and blood pressure and help improve sleep pattern.

Best Spas in America are listed:

Desert Hot Springs, CA

Retreat and reshape yourself with all the liquid diet in hot mineral pools. Walk around palm trees and soak yourself in one of the eight mineral pools. Clean and liquid diet cleanses the body and yoga, breathwork and sound healing cleanses the brain. The unique massage with 9 essential oils reduces inflammation. Spinal massage helps in building immunity.

Lake Austin, TX

Treat your eyes with the clearest water view and light-filled a blue room. Sit by the lake and meditate or paddle your boat to the centre. Walk around flowers and vegetable gardens. And whenever you feel hungry eat handpicked fresh vegetables.

The Lodge at Woodlock, PA

Get ready for 150 acres of escape from hustle and bustle. The rooms are nature-inspired and aesthetic views of the arboreous landscape makes the stay soothing. Large private marble showers give the at-home feeling. Aqua Garden hydromassage makes the body light as a feather while steaming eucalyptus cleanses the body. Farm to table meals is served with a picturesque view of the landscapes.

Mii Amo, Arizona

Nurture your soul and seek the light. Lying beside the Boynton Canyon is one of the best spas in the USA. Let your imagination take you to places while you meditate. Indulge yourself in healthy activities in pursuit of inner peace. Their long and unique massages gently release muscle stress and anxiety.

Miraval Resort & Spa, Tuscon, AZ

Experience some art therapy at this lavish spa. Sip your favourite cocktail while looking at the Santa Catalina Mountains. Participate in rock climbing activities, meditate or keep some bees. Attend wellness counselling sessions for spiritual and emotional healing.


Get ready to pamper yourself with organic grapes grown in the resort. This resort gives a country-side feeling. It has around 440 acres for you to hike around the canyon and meditate. The staff-to-guest ratio is 5:1 ensuring efficient service through active hours. Spend your evening in one of the 18 golf course or just sit and watch the sunset.







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