Lumbermans and Railroaders Memorial

I think our car has a special auto-pilot designed to seek out bodies of water. It kicked in as my husband and I turned into Lumbermans and Railroaders Memorial Park during a visit to Garibaldi. Landing at the water’s edge – or as close as our small SUV could approach – we proceeded to enjoy the fresh air, and a view of bay, beach, and bobbing boats. We never seem to tire of rippling blue H2O.

Leaving town the next day, we stopped to get a photo of the entrance sign bypassed in our haste to see Tillamook Bay. It was then we discovered that Lumbermans and Railroaders Memorial Park is actually a stretch of lawn situated more closely to Highway 101, with a playset and logging equipment on display. The old steam train engine stationed near the park sign is used seasonally by the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad for tours. All of it meant as – go figure – a tribute to lumbermen and railroaders. Oh!

Well, the water better suited our preference, so that is the walking destination described below. The lumber and railroad aspects of this venue are left to your own exploring.

Waterfront seating

25 Steps

Lumbermans Memorial Park sign and train engine 5268994

Looking at it now, I think we may actually have been at the overflow parking lot for the Port of Garibaldi rather than Lumbermans and Railroaders Memorial Park. I’m not sure. Either way, the area described here sits at a north inlet of Tillamook Bay, on the far side of the Garibaldi marina. It is overlooked by the town’s large G on the hill to the northwest (riveted rather than painted – I guess that’s what it takes for a hillside letter to persist in the damp Oregon climate).

A small bay beach is close at hand, but the short path is blocked by logs and a drain pipe. Climbing over these obstacles is necessary to reach the sand.

Overall, it’s a pretty little spot that’s quick and easy to reach if you’re in the area.

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