Humbug Mountain State Park

Just south of Port Orford, past what is indisputably one of the most spectacular views of the Oregon coastline from Highway 101, the day use area of Humbug Mountain State Park sits tucked into the shadow of the mountain itself.

Picnic area



Cross a wooden footbridge over a gently running creek to reach a grassy meadow carved into the trees at the base of forested hills. Picnic tables scattered along the paved path that runs parallel to the trickling stream offer a place to enjoy a meal, or to rest as you stroll through the park. Don’t miss the myrtlewood stand on southeast end of the park, marked a “designated grove of interest”.

After the picnic table across from the restrooms, the path continues west through the trees eventually reaching a field, gazebo, and barbeque area, but there is no seating for more than 200 steps. This area was in use by a private group when my husband and I visited, so I only came within eyeshot of it, and did not record any details. It can also be more easily accessed from the west-most parking area via another footbridge.

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