Florence Veterans Memorial Park

Although serving double duty as both a place of remembrance and a showcase for the beauty of Florence, the Florence Veterans Memorial Park seems to be frequented by few. A drizzling fountain is centered on a wall of commemorative bricks, and it is common to see one or two floral sprigs left to honor the fallen. Dedication stones engraved with words of thanks to both human and canine veterans lay in front of a bench flanked by flags.

Riverside bench

25 Steps


I almost hesitated to document this tucked-away riverside gem.  Peaceful, reflective, scenic, my husband and I often enjoy a waterfront meal at the long park bench.  Boats buzz up and down the Siuslaw River, and the Oregon Dunes cascade into the water on the far side.  Seabirds flutter and swim, and a crow or two may light on a signpost hoping we’ll share.  If you see a couple eating tacos, that’s probably us.  Feel free to come share the bench!

The step count listed starts at the parking space nearest the water.  If you’re up for a longer walk, parking by the entrance will increase the count to just under 100 steps.

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