Dog-friendly Restaurants in America

The Most Dog-friendly Restaurants in America

Best Dog-friendly Restaurants in America

Dog-friendly Restaurants in America! So why not bring Fido along while enjoying another happiness which is “eating”. America is one of the most dog-loving countries. The pup isn’t a pet, it’s a family member that should be present at every ritual and every party. Home sure wanna bring their pup along while eating at a restaurant and the USA offers a lot in this regard.

Here’s a guide to Dog-friendly Restaurants in America, where you can hang out with your fluff puff.

  • Cane Rosso, Carrollton, Texas:

The name in Italian means “red dogs” might be the most dog-friendly restaurant in America allowing to bring along your buddy but is also very active in dog rescues, fundraising evenings, pet adoptions and a special pizza menu for pups.

  • Trace at The W, Austin, Texas:

A place where your dog is treated like royalty. Home-made doggie treats and guesses what?? A doggie ice-creams!! Yes, a doggie ice-cream and wait it gets better there’s a special menu with Niman ranch dog meals. Offering litter boxes and grooming services are the cherry on the top.

  • Filini, Chicago, Illinois:

They have a whole CANINE CUISINE for your buddy.

  • The wagging tail.
  • Bad to the bone burger.
  • Last my lucky charms.
  • Frosty paws ice-cream.

All with the side of brown rice and sweet potatoes.

  • 312 Chicago, Chicago, Illinois:

A place which doesn’t even charge a pet fee. For your pup, you can choose from a special menu which consists of salmon, pasta, chicken, peanut butter biscuits and beefsicles. On weekends they offer WAGGIN’ WEEKENDS HAPPY HOUR, where the chef makes special dog treats.

  • Sally’s Fish House & Bar, San Diego, California:

So is your dog your drinking pal too? Because they got dog-friendly craft beer, what’s better than this! There are also pup cakes and other treats available for dogs.

  • 20 East, Chicago, Illinois:

This restaurant offers a wide variety of drinks for Fido. Enjoy drinking with your buddy because they offer, bee’s knees with gin, honey and lemon and lion’s tail with whiskey, allspice lime and bitters.

  • Radiator, Washington, DC:

The restaurant loves dogs so much that they celebrate National Dog Day. They offer dogs kimchi pickles, Hamachi Crudo, sangria watermelon and goat cheese angolloti.

Note: All these above-mentioned restaurants have Patios for dogs with the perfect ambience to hang out.

Dog-friendly Restaurants in America
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Dog-friendly restaurants and bars in Los Angeles

Some other pubs and restaurants which allow you to hang out with your four-legged buddies are:

 Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant, Virginia Beach, VA.

  •  Creekside American Bistro, Sedona, AZ
  •  Jackson’s Bar & Bistro, Nashville, TN.
  •  Morristown Deli, Morristown, NJ.
  •  Mutts Canine Cantina, Dallas.
  •  On the Rocks, Lewes, DE.
  •  Pub Dog Colorado, CO.

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