Darlingtonia Wayside

Just north of the town of Florence and very easy to get to, Darlingtonia Wayside is an enjoyable venue to stretch your legs. Cobra lily is fitting name for the insect-consuming plants of this botanical garden. The fluted heads of both species curl to lure their prey. Educational signs at the beginning and end of the trail explain the plants in detail.


175 Steps


Although the focal point of the wayside is Darlingtonia Californica, the cedar-filled forest you pass through on the way has its own special charm. Many forest trails are difficult to traverse, but this path offers much of the rewards with less risky terrain.

Wheels: Terrain: Deck areas are level and flat. Paved path is level, but irregular in areas, so tread carefully.
Seating: No. Although the railings are very low and could be (carefully) used for this purpose. There are also three picnic tables around the parking lot.
Fee: No
Restrooms: Yes, on east side of the parking lot.
Directions: The path to the garden is clearly indicated from the parking lot. You can head either way when you reach the Y. Both directions are nearly the same distance to the informational sign. Follow the loop to return (another 175 steps).

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