Cultural clashes

Cultural clashes between Europeans and Americans

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Cultural clashes of Europeans and Americans

Cultural clashes vary from state to state. When it comes to continents, one of the biggest cultural clashes is between Europe and America. The neighbouring countries, sometimes, choose the culture accordingly.

Major cultural clashes are:


America is twice as large as in Europe. Americans hardly travel out of America while Europeans cross borders a lot. Due to large distances, Americans don’t hesitate travelling far off. Europe is small and distances matter a lot.


Americans have automatic, large and latest models when it comes to cars and trucks. Europeans, on the other hand, have small, compact and manual cars. European residents say it is hard to park their vehicles in the overcrowded cities.

 Measuring System

Funny how Americans use English Imperial System (miles, pounds, yards, Fahrenheit). Europe uses the metric system (litres, meters, Celsius)


America has quite appealing marketing strategies like Cyber Monday, Black Friday and hot sales on Online Shopping sites. Europe, however, sells what it wants to sell.


America has a tradition of celebrating almost everything. Their birthdays, baby showers, graduation parties and Bachelor nights are famous. Europe does celebrate but not everything.


Universities in Europe are free while Americans bury themselves in debt after they get admission to University.

Rules & Regulation

European rules are liberal concerning prostitution, abortion, drugs and alcohol. On the contrary, America has rules for alcohol, gun possession and prostitution.

American police are efficient, active and alert and arrive quickly even on a minor inconvenience and American Interrogation is brutal and aggressive.


America has a “Presidential” System and Europe has “Parliamentary” System. In the Presidential system, the supreme head of the state and the government is the same. However, in the Parliamentary System, the head of the state and the head of the government is distinctive.


US residents take religion and Church going very serious. Youth take church-going as a social activity more than religious but in Europe, the practice is confined to Elders only.


Europeans dress formally and try to follow the royal trends. Americans can be seen wearing pyjamas and the same jeans for the whole week.


America eats more junk, sweeter foods and soft drinks than Europe. Europeans eat proper meals and take a balanced diet. America has beer rules and they consume less wine than Europe.


Weddings in Europe are informal family gatherings at the Brides/Groom’s Parental home. In the USA, marriages take place at the Church and family and friends join formally.

American marriage and the Divorce rate are higher as compared to Europe.


Americans are thrice as patriots as Europeans and you can see the flags everywhere.






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