Best things about Colorado

Top 10 things you did not know about Colorado

Best things about Colorado you should know!

The following are the Best things about Colorado everyone should know if they are intrested in Colorado:

Founder of Cheeseburger!

Louis Ballast was awarded the trademark to the name ‘cheeseburger’ in 1935, a year later after it was invented in Denver, Colorado. Thanks for the cheesiest invention to date!

1976 Olympics – No thanks

Colorado is the only state of the United States to turn down an Olympics bid. Although Denver won the bid for Winter Olympics in 1976, yet it dismissed it due to environmental issues and infrastructural costs.

Glenwood Springs

The world’s largest natural, mineral hot spring pool is located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The water is so hot that before it enters the pool, the water is cooled down. The source of the water is ‘Yampah’ which is translated to ‘Big Medicine.’

Mount Elbert

At 4401.2 meters, Mount Elbert secures its position as the highest summit of the Rocky Mountains in North America. It is located in San Isabel National Forest, Colorado.

Mike The Headless Chicken Day!

Also known as Miracle Mike, it was a chicken who survived for another 18 months after September 10, 1945, when its head was chopped off by Olsen, to enjoy it at supper. Locals in Fruita still celebrate ‘Mike the Headless Chicken Day!’

World’s Largest Flat Top Mountain

Grand Mesa has achieved its position as the world’s largest flat-top mountain, covering an area of 500 square miles and stands more than 10,000 feet above sea level.

Belluah Red

Colorado, meaning ‘colored red’, is a Spanish name. The red marble which gives this state its unique grandeur is ‘Belluah Red.’ Installation of the marble took six years, which is priceless.

Centennial State

Colorado became the 38th state to become part of the United States in 1876 – 100 years after signing the Declaration of Independence. It is, thus, nicknamed ‘Centennial State’.

The Shining

Stephen King’s novel ‘The Shining’ took its inspiration from his and his wife’s stay at Stanely Hotel, in Estes Park, Colorado. It was a spooky stay and they were convinced about the ghostly events. His stay led him to write his famous novel!

Highest incorporated city

Standing 10,430 feet above sea level, Leadville in Colorado is the highest incorporated city in the United States. It was a flourishing silver mining area; but because a lot of adjoining areas had ‘silver’ in their name, ‘Leadville’ was selected as a distinct name for the town.

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