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America has had a very old and rich tradition for its cars in the country and around the entire world. Their unique styles, muscle cars and classic cars win over everyone at first look. In the 19th century about 18000 car companies opened up, majority of them struggles to survive. Very few of them stood until today and are growing rapidly for their amazing products. Three of them being the strongest and biggest car companies in the world; General Motors, Flat Chrysler Automobiles and Ford Motor Company. American Car brands are popular all over the world because of their durability and classic look.

All of the most famous and popular American Car Brands come under these three companies.

Let’s start with General Motors. It has a Buick. Founded in 1899 as ‘Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company’. This was the brand that founded General Motors. Let’s go to Cadillac, founded 1901 as ‘Henry Ford Company’ then changed to Cadillac.  It was acquired by the General Motors by 1909. Let’s go to one of my favourites, Chevrolet (Yes they sponsor Manchester United AHH), founded in 1911 and were acquired by them in 1918. Another great brand GMC which was founded in 1908 during the restructuring of GM’s commercial brands.

Let’s hop onto the second company, Flat Chrysler Automobiles.  It was a predecessor of the Chrysler corporation, hence the brand Chrysler formed in 1925. Then another car brand Dodge was founded in 1914, acquired by Chrysler in 1928. In 1941, Willys-Overland formed the very popular brand ‘Jeep’ which then merged with Kaiser motors in 1953. They got acquired in 1970 by AMC.  In 1987 finally, Chrysler got them.  Last but not the least, Ram was founded in 2009 during a restructuring of Chrysler’s truck brands.

Let us move onto the third company ‘Ford Motor Company’ from the “Three biggest American Car Brands ”. First comes Ford, one of my personal all-time favourite car brands, founded in 1903. It has the most trendy and stylish cars, staying around for a very long time.  The second car brand would be the “Lincoln Motors: founded in 1917. Acquired by the Ford Motor Companies in 1922.

American Car Brands manufacturers

Have you heard about Tesla cars? They are the ‘Hot Topic’ these days. Created by Martin and Marc who named it after Nikola Tesla,  a great engineer. It grew, even more, when Elon Musk joined in and added his awesome-ness.  Tesla is ranked as the world’s best selling plug-in passenger car manufacturers in 2018.

car brands are made in America
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All of these car brands have been famous for their comfortable and luxurious drive. They have affordable vehicles.  All of these Car Brands from America have great ideas for the future and their own products; may it be introducing all-electric cars, new type of hybrids, race cars that are exceeding limits, or even digging up old or traditional names from their heritage to make it unique and trendy they are working so hard to present you with the latest and coolest automobiles.

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